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Soundtrack - Hair (The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical) [Vinyl Record LP] [C]

Soundtrack - Hair (The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical) [Vinyl Record LP] [C]

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Goldmine Grading Standards

Media Visual Grading: Good Plus
Sleeve Grading: Good Plus

Release Info

Catalog Number: LSO-1150
Label: RCA Victor
Year: 1968
Country: US
Pressing: Indianapolis Pressing
Matrix: Side A: WPRS--3962-25S I A5 :

Track Listing

Side A:
1. Dyson & Co.: Aquarius
2. Ragni & Co.: Donna / The Co.: Hashish
3. Curry & Co.: Sodomy
4. Washington & Co.:Colored Spade
5. Rado & Co.: Manchester England
6. Rado, Ragni, Curry, Washington: I'm Back / Curry, Washington, Moore & Co.: Ain't Got No
7. Eaton, Plimpton, Moore & Co.: Air
8. Co.: Initials
9. Rado & Co.: I Got Life
10. Rado, Ragni & Co.: Hair
11. Kramer: My Conviction
12. Ragni, Curry: Don't Put It Down
13. Plimpton: Frank Mills
14. Co.: Be-In
Side B:
1. Rado & Co.: Where Do I Go?
2. Keaton, Norstrand, Mosco: Black Boys / Moore, Davis, Marks: White Boys
3. Kellogg: Easy to Be Hard
4. Co.: Walking in Space
5. Washington, Dyson, Burks, Davis: Abie Baby
6. Co.: Three-Five-Zero-Zero / Dyson, Harris: What a Piece of Work Is Man
7. Kellogg, Moore, Ragni, Rado: Good Morning Starshine
8. Rado, Kellogg, Moore & Co.: The Flesh Failures (Let the Sunshine In)

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