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Freddy Fender - The Voice [1999 Compilation] [New Tripe CD Box Set]

Freddy Fender - The Voice [1999 Compilation] [New Tripe CD Box Set]

UPC: 740155902322

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Release Info

  • Format: Compact Disc
  • Condition: New
  • Catalog Number: FBOOK23
  • Label: The Crazy Cajun Recordings
  • Release Year: 1999
  • Original Year: 1999
  • Country: UK
  • Edition: Compilation, Box Set
  • SPARS Code: N/A
  • UPC: 740155902322
  • Marked: No

Track Listing

  • Disc 1 - Balladeer:

    1. The Chokin' Kind
    2. Come Back Home
    3. Laughing But Crying
    4. The Clock
    5. Tell it Like It Is
    6. When It Rains It Pours
    7. It's Raining
    8. My Tears Are Falling Tonight
    9. Trapped by a Thing Called Love
    10. Share Your Love
    11. Keep It a Secret
    12. Roses Are Red (En Español)
    13. I Might as Well Forget You
    14. Produndidad (I'm Asking Forgiveness) (En Español)
    15. Living it Down (En Español)
    16. Leave a Light in the Window
    17. Turn Around
    18. Only One
    19. You Made Me a Fool
  • Disk 2 - El Bebop Kid:

    1. Wasted Days and Waysted Nights
    2. Crazy Crazy Baby
    3. Since I Met You Baby
    4. Please Mr. Sandman
    5. Mean Woman
    6. You Made Me Cry
    7. Just Because
    8. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
    9. There Is Something on Your Mind (Version 1)
    10. Ooh Poo Pah Doo
    11. Money
    12. Donna
    13. In the Still of the Night
    14. Going Out With the Tide
    15. Fannie Mae
    16. Get Out of My Life Woman
    17. Little Bitty Pretty One
    18. Just a Moment of Your Time
    19. Going Out With the Tide
    20. There is Something on Your Mind (Version 2)
    21. Graduation Night
    22. I'm Asking Forgiveness
    23. Love Me Tender
    24. You Don't Have to Go
  • Disk 3 - Éxitos En Español (Freddy Fender's Greatest Hits In Spanish):

    1. Estaré Contigo Cuando Triste Estés (Before The Next Teardrop Falls)
    2. Días Y Noches Perdidas (Wasted Days And Wasted Nights)
    3. Vaya Con Dios
    4. Rancho Grande
    5. Estos Brazos (These Arms of Mine)
    6. Háblame (Talk To Me)
    7. Rosas Lindas Son (Roses Are Red)
    8. Tu Se Vas (You'll Lose a Good Thing)
    9. Amor Secreto (Secret Love)
    10. No Tocan Ya (Don't Play That Song Anymore)
    11. Canción Mixteca (Tierra Del Sol)
    12. Amor de Secunda (Third Rate Romance)
    13. Cariño
    14. Jeugos (Tell It Like It Is)
    15. Mis Sueños (Please Mr. Sandman)
    16. Un Momento (Just a Moment)
    17. Hambre (Hungry) (With Salsa Band in New York)
    18. Camarón (Shrimp) (With Salsa Band in New York)
    19. Si Me Das Tu Amor (I'm Leaving It Up to You)
    20. Noche de Graduar (Graduation Night)
    21. Triste Amor (Breaking Up Is Hard to Do)
    22. Tenemos Que Pensarlo (We've Got To Stop And Think It Over)


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