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The WhoRidas - Whoridin' [Double Vinyl Record LP]

The WhoRidas - Whoridin' [Double Vinyl Record LP]

UPC: 610447180014

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Goldmine Grading Standards

Media Visual Grading: Good
Sleeve Grading: Poor

Release Info

Catalog Number: 61044-71800-1
Label: Delicious Vinyl
Year: 1997
Country: US
Pressing: N/A
Other: N/A
Matrix information available upon request

Track Listing

Side A:
1. Never Heard
2. Pounds, Ki's & OZ's
3. Taxin'
4. Shot Callin' & Big Ballin'
Side B:
1. Keep It Goin'
2. Whoridin'
3. Talkin' Bout Bank (Funk Mode Mix)
4. Till the Wheels Fall Off
Side C:
1. Westbound Campaign
2. Off the Ringa!
3. Down on My Luck
4. World Wide Whoride
Side D:
1. Stackin $'s
2. True Playas (Remix)
3. Bumpin'
4. Pull Off That Whoride

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