Difference Between Reissue, Repress, and Remaster

"Reissue" is a new release of a recording that was previously released, often with added material or improved sound quality. It is a fresh release of an album, often with new packaging or bonus tracks, that aims to make the album available to new audiences or to capitalize on its nostalgia value.

"Repress" is a new pressing of an existing recording, made to meet demand for the original release. A repress is typically an exact copy of the original release, with no changes to the content or packaging. The purpose of a repress is to make the recording available to fans who missed the original release, and to keep the album in print for fans who already own it.

In short, a reissue aims to bring a new version of an album to the market, while a repress aims to keep an existing version of an album in print.

"Remaster" refers to the process of improving the sound quality of an existing recording through digital processing. It can include equalization, compression, and other techniques to enhance the overall audio quality.

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