What is 180G Vinyl Record

A 180g vinyl record is a type of vinyl record that weighs 180 grams. It is a heavier and thicker vinyl record compared to a standard vinyl record, which typically weighs between 120-140 grams.

The increased weight of the 180g vinyl record allows for a higher quality of sound reproduction, as it provides a more stable platform for the grooves to be cut into. This can result in better sound quality, reduced surface noise, and improved bass response.

Many audiophiles and music enthusiasts prefer 180g vinyl records for their superior sound quality and durability, as they are less likely to warp or be damaged during playback or handling.

Here are some of the different regular record weights:

  • 7-inch records: These records typically weigh between 40-60 grams.
  • 10-inch records: These records typically weigh between 70-90 grams.
  • 12-inch records: These records are the most common and typically weigh between 120-140 grams.


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